Integrity: My favourite free app to check broken links on a website

We have some clients in our company who manage their own sites. So every month we do a maintenance report on these sites … just to make sure everything is going smooth.

One important aspect of this report is checking broken links on the site. Not all clients are tech-savvy so there is always a possibility a web administrator typed in a wrong URL or  had links to a page which got deleted later. This causes 404 errors on the site which is bad not just from a user experience point of view but also from an SEO perspective.

Problem with free online broken link checkers

There are many free broken link checkers available online and they work fine. My problem with free online broken link checkers their slow link scanning speed. Some free sites also put a limit on the number of links that can be check in one session which is no good if a website has too many pages and links (especially e-commerce sites).

Say hello to Integrity

Integrity is a desktop app for Mac which scans broken links on any website with blazing fast speed. Here are some of its top features (as of 23.10.2013):

  • Scans your site checking for broken links – very fast, accurate and with productivity features
  • Check images as well as all internal and external links
  • Support for ‘soft 404s’
  • See problems at-a-glance highlighted in colour. Double-click for more detailed information.
  • Export report as CSV.
  • In short, improve your website’s quality and search engine ranking
  • Retina screen compatible and OSX Mavericks tested and supported

Quick Visual Overview

Here is a screenshot of the settings screen of Integrity


Just for the sake of example, I ran a scan on the Smashing Magazine website. Interestingly, they have quite a few 404s on their site. The screenshot below shows a scan in progress:


With bad links only ticked:


If you double click on a bad link, the next window allows you to do obtain additional information about it.


I love the “Highlight” feature. If you click on “highlight” in the dialog box shown above, it opens up the page that contains the bad url and highlights the source of the bad link (text or image) with a red box (I have pointed to it by a red arrow in the screenshot below).


Notice the URL in the browser screenshot above. It appears that Integrity generates a local version of the page and then applies the red box to the broken link (which makes sense).

A quick word about scanning speed

Integrity was able to scan approximately 200s URL per minute. This is obviously a subjective value depending on server response time. But thats just to give you an idea.

I hope you liked my quick overview of the app. You can download Integrity for free here.