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Axact Scandal For Dummies: What you need to know

In a state where various news-reporting agencies seem to have their own vested interests, bureaucracy and dubious reputation of law enforcement agencies, it is imperative that we school ourselves on why Axact’s role in this controversy is not as black and white as one may like to believe. There are mixed responses to the story when it comes to the non-tech-savvy population. However, most IT specialists would agree on one point: Axact is a dodgy company. Why is that? Read on....

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Up and running with the Auspost Postcode API using PHP and jQuery autocomplete

What is Auspost API? If you are a web developer working in Australia, at some point in your career, you will come across the need to validate  postcodes or suburbs. If you are specifically developing an ecommerce solution, you will also be interested in calculating postage costs in real-time. The Auspost API lets you do all of that. In this article, I will cover validating Australian postcodes using the Auspost API. 1. Get an API key The first thing you have to do is to get an Auspost API key. You can get it for free here. Once you have filled out the form, you will receive the API key by email. 2. Understand workflow I will be using PHP for server side coding. You can use any language to complete this task. Project flow goes something like this: We will start typing in the suburb name or postcode in an input field. jQuery autocomplete will pickup our input...

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